...is where the heart is.

Welcome to Barque…

Let us take you on an aromatic ocean trail from the lands of spice and cinnamon, schezuan, clove and cassia along the trade winds to the port city of Fremantle.

Our colonial house set on the iconic George Street in East Fremantle plays host to the flavours of the Southern lands paired with the best of local produce. Where hospitality abounds and our friendly crew are on deck to guide you on your culinary journey.

Jump on board, let us charm your senses…

Barque wines

Our wines are like our friends they come from lands near and far, some are quirky, some are interesting, some have lots to say, others are easy going and a few are even reliable.

All have been good to us and each has their own winestory to tell.

We have picked the ones that most compliment our cuisine and house.

Liq Lic #6060127408

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